FAQ's & Personalization Information

We are limited in text on our listings in etsy so we wanted to expand on some things to make it easier for you.


 This is what you need to provide us to get your perfect embroidery done:

  1. Name/Text or Monogram (please use full name)
  2. Thread color
  3. Font Choice
  4. Preview (yes or no)
  5. Any special notes / details

To be very clear on what you would like please follow these examples for sending the information:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Monogram (Sophia Marie Rose)

Yellow Thread

Master Circle Monogram             

No preview       

Male Monogram (William Austin Smith)

Black Thread     

Male Monogram

No Preview

Name (Annabelle)

Match the pink edge

Happy Times font

Preview please

If it doesn’t stand out please let me know


We will do exactly what you provide, and can’t be responsible if you don’t ask for a preview then don’t like what you picked, or it was not what you meant. 

If you put in all capital letters we will do all capital letters.  If you put a capital letter in the middle, that is how we will do it.  If for some reason you realize you messed up something, message us.  As long as we have not already made the product we are happy to change it for you – but we are fast so depending on when you message it may have already been done to  your specifications.

We will spell it exactly how you have.  There are so many different spellings of names we cannot question everyone’s name if we think there might be a mistake.  Please double check your spelling!

Feel free to write a book, or better yet MESSAGE us first.  We do want you to be happy with what you get, but we can’t just re-do the item because you didn’t say what you meant.

Female Monogram: Please provide the full name if you want a monogram, we will put them in the proper order of First, Last, Middle.

Example - Amelia Grace Smith would be aSg

Male Monogram: Typically done in proper order (First, Middle, Last) all in the same size.

Example - Robert Edward Smith would be RES

(if you want a male monogram you must specify that this is a male monogram, if you do not we will do it as a standard monogram.

If you provide us only the letters please make sure you put them in this order as they will be done EXACTLY in the order you provide.

If you want the monogram done in a different order please contact us directly. We are happy to do it, we just want to make sure it is done correctly.


How many characters can I put?

8 or under characters fits best however we can do more.  Please just remember that the length of the name affects the overall height of the letters as they are proportional.  So if your name is long the height will have to be smaller to accommodate the additional characters.

Can you do special characters?

Most fonts do not have special characters, but some do.  If you want something please ask and we will work with you, or we can mix fonts that do if you really need one.

What fonts do you have?

Click here for the font options

We do have other fonts available as we cannot picture them all, but if you have a specific one you are looking for just ask.

What fonts can be used for monograms?

Almost any!  With the exception of the shaped fonts (master circle, diamond, etc.) we can use any of our fonts to create a monogram.

What if I don’t give a thread color with the information?

If you don’t pick a thread color then we will pick it for you.  We will pick a coordinating one that is our favorite.

What if I don’t give a font with the information?

We prefer you PLEASE pick one, however if you do not we will use our favorite for that particular product. 

What thread colors do you have?

The basic thread color are shown in the images as well.  Like fonts we cannot show all of them, so if you are looking for something specific just ask.  If you just put to coordinate with a certain color in the product just let us know, and we will use the closest one we have available to that.

What if I don’t like what you send?

Then we are sad, and sorry but unless we messed it up from what you wrote (or the shop policies if you didn’t select options), we cannot just send you another one.  So communicate what  you want, or if you don’t know then message us so we can work with you before the needle ever touches the product!

Why didn’t you just ask me if I didn’t provide the information?

Honestly, we don’t have time to do that.  We do our best to provide clear instructions and information, and request that you provide complete and accurate information.  We don’t have the ability to chase people down, especially after we have already contacted them to request information and they do not provide it.    You do have a responsibility as well to provide clear instructions on what you want done, and if you are unsure, you always have the ability to talk to us first!

What if you sent me something different than what I clearly stated:

Well, we probably messed up.  We are humans, Mom’s and sometimes kids who run this shop.  We will fix it for you, please just let us know.  We do our best to get things done correctly and quickly, but sometimes we do make mistakes and we would appreciate the opportunity to fix it before you leave negative feedback.

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