NautiTown Design & Embroidery has been providing outstanding embroidery, printing, monogramming, and custom gift services to our hometown of Annapolis, Maryland and worldwide for over twenty years.

 My name is Kirsten. Much like you, I am a proud resident of Annapolis, Maryland – and I make beautiful things for creative people. Alongside my staff, we have a passion for helping our clients bring their visions to life.

The evolution of NautiTown has been one of passion, growth, and ultimately – family. NautiTown was born the same year as my first-born child. Along with my passion for graphic design, love of small business, and desire to create a strong future for my family, I established NautiTown from the comfort of my own home. Throughout the years, as my child grew, so too did the business. NautiTown grew from being a modest online printing and embroidery store, to a local collaborative custom-order juggernaut, offering custom wall quotes, murals, names, memorable business products, unique gifts, and creating one-of-a-kind designs for our clients.

Since 1998, NautiTown is a full-service embroidery, custom vinyl wall design, monogramming, and unique gift shop that prides itself on high-quality products and superior service. From Riva to Cedarwood Cove, Cape St. Claire to Eastern Shore, Highland Beach to Woodland Beach, and everywhere in between – NautiTown has proudly served the great state of Maryland with business promotional products, coach and teacher gifts, baby shower novelties, individually commissioned wall art, and so much more. For over twenty years, our creative and service minded team has thrived on creating meaningful, lasting, and unique products that will thrill and impress even the most discerning client.

At NautiTown, we believe in a community of “yes” – always seeking ideas, solutions, and products that will promote positivity and joy. With the majority of our products fabricated and embellished right here in Annapolis, NautiTown works closely with our customers to create whatever gift, product, or vision they can imagine - from birth blankets to shirts, bags to slates, mugs to toys, murals to promotional products. We work closely with our clients to create distinctive and irreplaceable products, while delivering outstanding service and support. As our business has evolved from online sales to the opening of our first physical retail space in March of 2019, we remain solely dedicated to maintaining our local ties and small business roots. With the opening of Drama Decor’s retail space in Annapolis, we are excited to offer additional services, local crafting classes, products, and creative opportunities for our clients, while continuing to offer the same high-quality gifts, goods, and customer support that our community has come to expect.

Welcome to NautiTown Design & Embroidery. Let’s make something beautiful together.

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